This is a project I want to develop in front of  everyone. It's really rare when you get to see how a story gets created from scratch, so I decided to share the whole process of it all.

Where did I start? 

I had a completely random idea when sitting at the London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3 just after eating a Yo! Sushi on 23rd September 2019. I wanted the Tarot Cards characters I created for my own personal deck (and once printed, to be sold on this very website) to be involved in a story.

I called my wife immediately to share my idea. It's the only person I trust who will tell me whether an idea is B.S or worth working for.

I wanted the story to be inspired by Game of Thrones & The Lord of the Rings, and to be part of a wider sage I've been creating since 1996 (yep, that old). The next step was finding the title, and goodness did I suffer trying to find something relevant. I had a lot of help with Thesaurus and finally settled for Amaranthine. And I only started with the word purple or violet, kept going back and forth in French, Japanese and English. 

I created dynasties, sigils (thank you GoT) and a draft for a map. This is where I am on 30th September 2019, in my old bedroom at my mother's house.

The draft of a draft of a map - sigils to come soon, hopefully. 

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