The importance of backgrounds, part II

When you draw a full page with characters and the background, you want to make sure that the perspective and elements surrounding people are accurate, unless you want to create a specific effect (distortion, character having a dream, etc). 

You can cheat on perspective by hiding elements that are not relevant to the entire frame, but that won't work every single time.

You need to learn perspective as soon as possible.

It is not something you will be able to avoid, and it's extremely useful too for characters, not just backgrounds or landscapes.

The key to drawing accurate perspective is the vanishing point (shown as the pink dot here). It doesn't necessarily on the page, and all your perspective lines converge to that single point.

Some painters used several vanishing points around the main one (see the yellow dots). Use that tip at will!

In the same page, you can have two or more vanishing points (see the blue dot). It can happen when you are drawing different pieces of furniture in the same room. 

High-angle and low-angle views are powerful tools in perspective. The lines for high-angle view go wide from the top to reach the vanishing point at the bottom of the page.

Do note that the vanishing point, again, can be outside the page you are currently drawing.

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