Learning from scratch could be daunting, and copying from your favourite manga is totally normal - I'd say even legitimate. How else would you learn? There are great tools on the web, but nothing can come close to your favourite manga and your favourite artist, right?

But nothing prevents you from looking around and learning more. Please enjoy the drawing processes videos I uploaded here - they are just a sample of what you could learn from my YouTube Channel.


Who else has had problems with drawing roses? (or drawing hands) That's one of the most difficult flowers I ever had to draw. I'm sure there are plenty of other flowers/plants I could hardly imagine drawing as complicated as ever, but roses - what a struggle.


Below, you will find the process videos of awesome illustrations both used for my new project Amaranthine, and for Tarot Card Deck that I'm selling on my superduperawesomeunique store

... and plenty of other videos

You want to draw a dog? Got it. A bowl of delicious noodles? They're ready for you. 

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